Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia


Vision and Missions


The university’s vision is to be a leading university with an academic and professional excellence at the international and national level which consistently expresses the combination between the Christian Faith, science and technology, as well as the Indonesian culture in its effort to develop the people’s mind.


The University carries out the following missions:

  1. To implement an academic and professional education to develop science, professionalism, and characteristics of the students.
  2. To carry out basic and applied research to advance science, technology, and art and culture (IPTEKS)
  3. To volunteer its expertise in the field of IPTEKS for the benefits of the society.
  4. To manage the university effectively and efficiently in an ethical and prestigious academic atmosphere.
Employer type: 
Employer - university/research institution
Employer size: 
1000+ employees

Employer locations